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Who are we and what is our goal?
'Making sustainable education possible for all'

Our aim is to make education possible for children in disadvantaged regions.

The Bücherbörse takes place once a year in the premises of the TH Köln, under the motto “read and help”. All proceeds from the are used to finance educational projects in regions with poor education

And all of Cologne is helping us with that, they are the ones donating all books and records for our event. The willingness to donate is overwhelming:
Over 30,000 high quality books and records come together every year. We categorize them, price them and store them in order to sell them once a year on the Bücherbörse.

Meanwhile, the Bücherbörse Köln is an established event with lots of offers: Accompanying the book and record sales, there is an extensive literary, musical and gastronomic supporting program. In addition to exciting readings by Cologne authors, bands and singles performers perform live music on stage. Even a poetry slam takes place and also for the youngest ones is provided by a comprehensive children's program, make-up and magician. The event is rounded off by international food specialties, delicious coffee from Cologne's oldest coffee roasting company and delicious cakes.

  • Good cause

    100% of all proceeds go into the building of the schools in selected areas of the developing countries.

  • student led project

    established and organized by students of the Technical University (TH) Köln.

Educational projects

With your help we have built 10 schools for children in Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania since 2012
2019 | Primary school in Makuyuni, Tanzania

Together with our friends from Makuyuni.org Cologne we are building a school for 200 Maasai kids in Makuyuni, Tanzania with the proceeds from our 2019 event.

2018 | Primary school in Ntonda, Malawi

Our primary school in Ntonda, Malawi is ready! 277 students who can now start enjoying their new school. The German Ambassador and the Foreign Minister of Malawi were there for the opening - what an honour!

2017 | Primary school in Nairobi, Kenya

Half a million people live in Mathare, here in Nairobi's second largest slum. During our visit we saw buildings made of ​​corrugated iron huts with no running water, electricity, sewers or any infrastructure. Hardly any prospects, but education means hope and gets the kids off the streets. Therefore, together with local partners, we are building a primary school for 200 kids in the Mathare slum from our proceeds in 2017.

2016 | Primary school in Blantyre, Malawi

The school is standing and was inaugurated with a big party. Especially in this region, the kids have little opportunity for education. This is exactly where we started with the revenue of the 2016 book exchange. In cooperation with the abc-Gesellschaft e.V., an 8th grade elementary school was built for which the Minister of Education provided us with the property free of charge. Since the inauguration in September 2017, more than 400 students are looking forward to education.

2015 | Secondary school in Blantyre, Malawi

Done! The secondary school is fully funded. Last teacher's furniture and shelves will be mounted so that the construction can be completed in September. Thus, the start of school for the new school year at the beginning of October can be scheduled. With 4 classrooms of 50 students each, 200 kids have the opportunity to learn. o Our great project to create an entire school center (kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school) is thus successfully implemented.

2014 | Primary school in Blantyre, Malawi

What a project! The "Tsogolo La Ana" Primary School in Mpemba is in full swing with great joy - it includes fabulous 320 students and 10 teachers. To our surprise, a teacher painted very beautiful murals in the group rooms of the elementary school. It is therefore cherished and maintained. Joy and gratitude are great ..
The Chief: "Mpemba has 7,800 inhabitants, including 5,000 children and adolescents. The way to the next school was very far, too far for the little ones. We, the parents and students, are immensely grateful.

2013 | Kindergarten for orphans in Blantyre, Malawi

We are building an entire school centrum. In addition, the full proceeds of the Bücherbörse Köln 2013 will flow into the construction of a kindergarten for orphans in Blantyre, Malawi. Thus, the kindergarten is the first of three pillars of the school center. This is done in cooperation with the "abc Society for the Promotion of Reading and Writing in the 3rd World e.V." The government has provided the necessary land for free. In addition, the care of the children is ensured by three wonderful ladies who have been taking care of orphans for years.

2012 | Secondary school in Kasunga, Malawi

The first book exchange was a huge success from the beginning. We have received countless book & record donations from you and the response to the event weekend was overwhelming. Over 10,000 books were displayed, delicious coffee & cake was offered, and the raffle generated a fabulous amount of €12,000. With the money raised, we were able to build a secondary school in Kasungu, Malawi, together with the "abc society for the promotion of reading and writing in the 3rd World e.V.". School start was the 01.09.2013, the kids are doing magnificently.

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